What to see in Thailand: 5 places + 5 islands

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When we talk about Thailand, we imagine temples and golden stupas, unknown tribes, exotic food, crowded markets … and yes the Country of Smile is that and much more. Traveling to Thailand is a very good option to get into the Asian culture as it is a destination very used to tourism where getting around is easy, there are multiple accommodation options and a lot to see and discover.

In fact there is a Thailand for each traveler and that is why, because each one looks for something different, we have created a trip to Thailand ideal for you to travel your way and it is with us you can book in 4 simple clicks roundtrip flights with taxes included, arrival transfer and the first 2 hotel nights. The rest is left at your disposal for you to write your own story.

However, we better go by steps and see first what you can do if you decide to travel to Thailand:

5 Places to see in Thailand:

In the Country of Smile there is much to see and do but these are, in our opinion, the most indispensable places that should be included in a trip to Thailand. You may not have time to see them all in one trip, but you should always leave something for the next time:

1. Bangkok

It is the capital of the country and the gateway to a completely different world to which we are accustomed. Bangkok is a city full of contrasts; on the other hand, there are skyscrapers and shopping centers that seem to come from the future. Also, places of traditional architecture and full of history such as the Grand Palace, the time of Wat Traimit where the Buddha is located of Gold , the temple of Wat Arun on the banks of the Chao Phraya River or the Wat Pho with its spectacular reclining Buddha.

2. Ayutthaya and Sukhothai

Former capital of the kingdom of Siam , Ayutthaya is very close to Bangkok and it is worthwhile to include this place if you are going to travel to Thailand and want to know the most interesting places. The archaeological remains of Ayutthaya are some of the most important in South-East Asia. Sukhothai is much further north and is another complex of ancient buildings and temples as impressive as the previous one. Both are declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, imagine the archaeological treasure that is waiting for you.

3. Chiang Mai

Another place you can visit if you decide to travel to Thailand is the capital of the north of the country, known as the “Rose of the North”. Chiang Mai retains a historical center of great beauty, where the temple of Wat Phra Singh stands out and, in the most modern part, the busy night market. But without a doubt, if there is a place that will leave you speechless this is the golden temple of Doi Suthep . In addition, a whole world of possibilities for hiking and trekking is opened from here. The beauty of its nature is spectacular.

4. Chiang Rai

Gateway to the famous Golden Triangle, where the Mekong River and the Riak River form the natural border with Burma and Laos. In addition, you can also visit here the white temple of Wat Rong Khun, a unique place and very different from the rest of temples that you have seen so far. In Chang Rai at night do not forget to go to the Night Bazaar, it is very busy and you can do shopping and dinner listening to live music.

5. Krabi and Railay

Krabi is located on the shores of the Andaman Sea and is the gateway to Railay, an ideal place for those who want to enjoy paradisiacal beaches without reaching the islands. Getting to Railay is only possible by boat and once there you will find a very backpacker atmosphere. If you are going to travel to Thailand and want to include Railay, keep in mind that it is not just a sun and beach destination. Here you can also do climbing, Tonsai is a good place to do it. The Diamond Cave, the Cue de la Princesa, and the Laguna Esmeralda are some of the most impressive places you can visit in Railay.

The 5 Best Islands of Thailand:

Although, as you have read, on the mainland there are many treasures to discover, Thailand is also very famous for its islands. Some have gone from being true paradises to places too touristy, even so, they have not lost their charm and it is worthwhile to let yourself fall for a few days in one of them:

1. Phi Phi

It is an archipelago of 4 islands: Koh Phi Phi Don, Koh Phi Phi Leh , Koh Pai and Koh Yung. The Phi Phi islands became famous thanks to the famous film starring Leonardo diCaprio La Playa.

2. Phuket

It is the largest island in Thailand and is full of resorts, the beaches are spectacular but the atmosphere is much less adventurous than other of the most famous islands in the country.

3. Koh Samui

Another of the main islands of Thailand is Koh Samui, this is located in the Gulf of Thailand and is a good alternative in the rainy season in the Andaman Sea area. Ideal for families and for those who prefer to stay in good hotels on the beach.

4. Koh Tao

The favorite island of travelers-backpackers, has a very festive atmosphere (famous is its Fullmoon party), and lovers of scuba diving and snorkeling for its rich seabed. Its beaches are also spectacular.

5. Koh Phangan

Another of the islands of the Gulf of Thailand, perhaps less crowded than the “party” Koh Tao although it also has a lot of atmosphere. It also has dreamy beaches, those you’ve seen in thousands of photos.