The Blue Grotto a natural spectacle

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The Blue Grotto is a karstic system of underground cavities open to the sea, which converge in a larger space known as the Blue Cathedral, which is the only one that is open to the public for the visit, located on the northwestern side of the island.

Historically, the grotto was used as Ninfeo, a kind of sanctuary where minor gods related to the forces of nature were worshiped, as shown by the archaeological finds found in 1963 that are still preserved in the Museo della Casa Rosa, in Anacapri

The access to the cave is by sea, crossing a gap in the rock two meters high by another two meters wide, but at sea level is reduced to only one meter in height, which is why asks the visitor to lie down at the bottom of the boat at the moment of entering.

To witness this beautiful blue natural spectacle, it is possible to enter with a boat and the respective guide. The current and height of the surf that hits the entrance of the cave can vary according to the season. The guides, depending on this, will ask the passengers to lie down in the boat until they enter the grotto.

Inside the Blue Grotto, the sea seems to be illuminated below the water, with a magnificent blue color. The echo and the natural sound of the grotto are striking, making the walk there an unforgettable experience.
Swimming is not permitted inside the cave.


  • The attractiveness of this natural beauty lies in the wonderful blue light that floods the space. This is due to the coincidence at the entrance of the cave of the submarine vain through which sunlight penetrates the filter absorbing the red tones, letting go blue and green flashes.