New Zealand, the land of hobbits. 5 facts you probably do not know about this country

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New Zealand, a modern, developed and highly competitive country. In this scenario, the instruction is clear for the Peruvian team: winning is the only language if you want to be part of the list of the 2018 World Cup.

It will not be easy. New Zealand played two World Cups: 1982 (which was the last World Cup in Peru) in which it was eliminated losing all matches and 2010, where it was also eliminated in the second round without losing a game.

Let’s learn a little more about this land that will receive Peru on November 6th.

1. Geographic location.

New Zealand has just over 4.5 million inhabitants. It is located in Oceania and has an area of 268,838 square kilometers. Its capital is Wellington, one of the ten cities preferred by millennials. According to the 2016 Economic Freedom Index, New Zealand is the third freest economy in the world (Peru ranks 49th according to the classification).

2. Has more per capita income than Italy or South Korea

Despite its remoteness and small size, figures from the World Bank (WB) reveal that its gross domestic product amounts to a total of 185,000 million dollars. And, in terms of per capita income, it exceeds $ 39,000, an amount that surpasses even that of European and Asian powers, such as Italy and South Korea. Its main trading partners of the nation known as ‘Middle Earth’ are Australia, China, the United States, and Japan.

3. Climate and Tourism.

The climate of New Zealand is temperate thanks to the seas that surround it. Its tourism sector is experiencing a boom thanks to its beaches and crystalline mountain lakes. Last year, 3.5 million tourists visited the country. In many places of that power was filmed ‘The Lord of the Rings’, one of the most important action trilogies and adventures of recent times.

4. The least corrupt in the world.

New Zealand, which belongs to the Commonwealth or Commonwealth of Nations, is a constitutional monarchy and a parliamentary democracy. The current prime minister is Bill English. Together with Denmark, it is the least corrupt country in the world, according to the Corruption Perceptions Index (IPC) 2016, which was presented by Transparency International (TI).

5. Sports that practice

The sports practiced by New Zealanders are rugby, cricket, and netball.

Netball is the most popular sport among women. The national team won the Netball World Championship four times and took second place seven times while winning the gold medal in the Commonwealth Games twice and the silver medal in the other two.

Soccer, on the other hand, is not among the main ones.